11 Photography Jokes that you have to hear!

1. I had to give up my career as a photographer, I kept loosing focus. 2. I think my pet crocodile is an amateur photographer, he’s a bit of a snapper. 3. How does Santa take pictures? With his North Polaroid. 4. my friend is always going on about photography jokes. You just can’t shutter up. 5. when a friend... Continue Reading →


7 Things You Should Think About And Hug Your Dad A Little Tighter For, From A Girl Who Lost Hers Too Soon.

So here are my 7 biggest reasons on why you shouldn’t take your dad for granted. Number 1 He will be there, he will be at your Graduation,your wedding, be there when you have your children, watch his grandchildren take their first steps and first words, even for your Birthdays. You will never have to think... Continue Reading →

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