5 Ways to Really Bond with you Clients


  • Greet them with excitement when you see them

Your first impression is Everything!! When you are meeting a client put your phone away, and happily greet them. Make sure you seem excited about the interaction it makes them think that you are happy to be there!

  • Let them know what’s happening and going to happen

Throughout the photoshoot let them know where you are headed next, and what you are thinking. Than at the end of your photoshoot let them know when to expect their photos, and where to find them or when you will meet with them to give them their product.

  • Bond with them

This is the easiest, yet hardest thing to do. You are probably thinking “Obviously, this is common sense” You are completely right! All you need to do is chat with them, what are their hobbies, what do they do for a living. Just Reagan questions, because an awkward photoshoot makes for awkward photos!

  • Tell them they look great, or are doing great!

If you ask models, they love it when they are told they are doing awesome! Get excited about photos that you have taken of them! Just trust me on this one they love it!

  • Make sure you are Comfortable!

If you aren’t comfortable, you can see it in the quality of your photos. So make sure you are comfortable to bring the best outcome of the photoshoot!Just remember when you are photographing people, that if they don’t have a full good experience with you they most likely won’t come back. Just have fun with what you do! These rules really can be applied to any kind of business, not just photography. Feel free to leave Any comments of more tips for connecting with your clients!



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