7 Things You Should Think About And Hug Your Dad A Little Tighter For, From A Girl Who Lost Hers Too Soon.

So here are my 7 biggest reasons on why you shouldn’t take your dad for granted.

Number 1 He will be there, he will be at your Graduation,your wedding, be there when you have your children, watch his grandchildren take their first steps and first words, even for your Birthdays. You will never have to think about who will walk you down the isle, or when you will have to go put flowers on his grave. Because he will be there.

Number 2 The Stupid Dad Jokes. Laugh at the stupid dad jokes and songs he makes you listen to, or the dumb comments he makes about stuff you wear or do. Because those are the things you will remember most about that crazy old guy.

Number 3 Just take a night off from your busy life and spend some time with him. He may be a little boring or weird at times. Trust me just spend the extra time with him. You never know when there will be no time left.

Number 4 Oh take so many pictures. Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures! Happily take those dreaded family pictures. I am so grateful my ex step mom followed us around with her camera all the time, even though I hated it back than. Those pictures will never be replaceable, Just trust me on this.

Number 5 I know it seems far fetched but save everything! Cute voicemails, cards, or pretty much anything! I never would of thought a voicemail of my dad asking my sister if she was still at breakfast, would make me cry like a baby. But it did especially just to hear his voice again. That’s some crazy stuff. This one honestly might be one of the most important.

Number 6, Number 6, You always wonder if they would be proud of where you are in life or if they would like the man you chose.

Number 7 Because you can, hug your parents Extra tight for the rest of us who can’t. Tell them you love them a couple more times a day. Spend more time with them and cherish every moment of it. Just be with them while you can, and you will thank me later.

7 things to make you think about what you might miss out on one day. Here’s one of those irreplaceable photos, also where the bad dad joke of me being hatched from an egg came from! 

There are so many things to be thankful for that our fathers do, that we usually take for granted. Everything listed above is just a little bit of what our dads do, remember to love and cherish those moments before its too late.


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